1. Headphones are my go-to subject of every electronics blog. This is partially due to my tendency to break or lose every pair of headphones I own, and partially due to the fact that everything cool has already been blogged about. Thanks for nothing, coworkers. But today I’m going to do something a little different—I’m going to blog about an item I HAVE ALREADY BLOGGED ABOUT.

    I’ve now been an owner of these Marshall Major headphones for nearly two years. That’s right, I have somehow managed to not destroy this moderately expensive pair of headphones for a very long span of time, and I even stepped on them once. I threw them in my tote bag, then sat on the tote bag. They’ve been folded and stuffed into a purse and dragged to shows. They’ve even survived several pits at said shows (that I started). “Don’t get those Marshall headphones, they break,” said a friend. “These headphones effing suck,” said the Amazon reviews. I am glad that I didn’t listen. These Marshall headphones sound great, look cool, and are not nearly as breakable as the internet will have you believe. I think I’m in love!

    – Kelsey Radcliffe

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  2. Mike’s #recordoftheday is Chet Faker - Built on Glass - pick it up for less than $19, today only, with coupon code: InstaChetFaker15 // #vinyl #vinyligclub #talkischeap #chetfaker #DowntownRecords #recordstore #records #instavinyl #vinyljunkie #instamusic #Australian #electronica #music

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  3. Anna’s #recordoftheday is Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else on light blue #coloredvinyl - save 15% when you pick up a copy today with coupon code: InstaHereNowhereElse15 // #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #recordstore #Carpark #MomAndPop #DylanBaldi #Cleveland #instavinyl #instamusic #hereandnowhereelse #nowplaying #newreleases

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  4. It’s been twenty years since the release of Nas’ seminal album Illmatic, and to celebrate the occasion Nas has released Illmatic XX. This is a remastered version of the original album on 180 gram vinyl. The album also includes a download code that includes 10 extra tracks of remixes, demos, and freestyles. This is a must for any hiphop head. You don’t need me to tell you that Illmatic is a certified classic. A record that helped define New York City and a record that still remains relevant today. So now is your chance to fill out your Nas discography as he is my Artist of the week.

    – Joe Gonzalez

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  5. Here’s one for our NYC followers… We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the #WyeOak & #Braids show at #WebsterHall in May. If you want to go, just leave a comment; we’ll randomly choose a winner on April 23rd and notify them in the comments section. #indie #folk #mergerecords #instamusic #concerts

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  6. Kelsey’s #recordoftheday is the new #TheeOhSees - Drop // save 15% when you order a copy today with coupon code InstaTOSdrop15 // #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #instamusic #records #recordstore #CastleFaceRecords #JohnDwyer #garagerock #psychrock

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  7. John’s #recordoftheday is #PatsyCline - Walkin’ After Midnight // get it 15% cheaper with coupon code InstaPatsyCline15 - today only! // #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #instamusic #records #recordstore #coloredvinyl #stevecarell #country #recordcollection

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  8. Megabite wants you to know that we now sell 5x7” vinyl grab bags for $15! The pictured assortment isn’t a grab bag though, it’s a giveaway! Just leave a comment on this photo for a chance to win! Winner will be chosen randomly on 4/17 and notified in the comments// #YeahYeahYeahs #EMA #Ramones #TheFeelies #LykkeLi #ElPerroDelMar #vinyl #vinyligclub #records #vinyljunkie

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  9. Grace’s #recordoftheday is the 1992 classic #TheChronic from #DrDre - pick up a copy today and save 15% on your order with coupon code: InstaChronic15 // #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #instamusic #records #recordstore #deathrow #rap #hiphop #nuthinbutagthang

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  10. I’m one of those people who saw Protomartyr at SXSW and walked away very, very impressed. My method of music discovery these days is basically creeping on the records we get/crate digging at record stores on my lunch break and picking out whatever looks cool — I’m not really into reading music blogs anymore (beyond BrooklynVegan for shows). Why should I care what some asshole has to say about a band? I know what I like! I know what I want! After all, blind purchasing is half the fun.

    Anyway, I would have snagged this record eventually because it’s on one of my favorite labels (Hardly Art!), but I think seeing Protomartyr live is what really sealed the deal. I’m trying to remember the last time a band caught me off-guard like this, but I can’t. Remember when you were young and you used to listen to a record to the point where you knew every word, had every b-side, and saw every show they played within a 50 mile radius? Ah, youth. Protomartyr is a band fully deserving of this level of admiration.

    – Kelsey Radcliffe

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  11. Bro’s #recordoftheday is the debut from #Toronto band PUP, out now on @sideonedummy records - SAVE 15% when you order your copy today with coupon code: InstaPup15 // #vinyl #Pup #recordstore #instavinyl #dogsofinstagram #vinyljunkie #westie #newreleases #music #canada #records #nowplaying

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  12. Steph’s #recordoftheday is the Lavender Country reissue, in stock now! Save 15% on a copy - today only - with coupon code: InstaLavender15 // #vinyl #instamusic #instavinyl #recordstore #country #music #lavendercountry #paradiseofbachelors #records #reissue

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  13. When it comes to record labels, to me Sub Pop is at the top of the heap. They have managed to stay relevant for over 30 years and continue to push the envelope. In the last five years Sub Pop has slowly started to add hip hop artists to their rosters. Shabazz Palaces and Theesatisfaction are both personal favorites of mine so when a friend mentioned that Sub Pop had recently signed a new hip hop artist I was very excited. clipping. is everything I expect from a Sub Pop artist and more. The Los Angeles based trio, Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Snipes, and William Huston, have a unique view of hip hop as they build beats using a music concrete style. So beats can sound abrasive or ambient depending on what natural sounds are used and the emcee (Daveed Diggs) is able to match the feeling of each track. Although the tracks seem to skew on the more abrasive side there are tracks like “Work, Work” that sound more traditional. I highly suggest this for fans of Death Grips, Run the Jewels, and Yeezus. Clipping’s new record CLPPNG is out June 10th on Sub Pop.

    – Joe Gonzalez

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  14. Ryan’s #recordoftheday is the deluxe edition of Flume’s self-titled release, officially out 4/15! Order a copy today and save 15% with coupon code: instaFlume15 // #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #instamusic #records #recordstore #MomAndPop #electronic #music #instavinyl

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  15. Okay, guys, I PROMISE I am not writing a blog on this 7” because there are dinosaurs on the cover. I mean, dinosaurs are super awesome, but it’s not like I’d be that shallow, right? Mikal Cronin’s MCII was one of my favorite albums last year. It’s saccharine-sweet and poppy, but Cronin’s expert instrumentation (read: dude SHREDS) keeps the album from coming across corny. The man has a gift for sincerity, and “Soul in Motion” is no exception. From the start of the drum-loop intro to the slow build of a harmonious chorus, this is a typically amazing Cronin jam. Apart from the general awesomeness of Mikal Cronin, these Famous Class LAMC series 7”s are one of my favorite concepts. They are a series of 7” splits that pairs a well-known artist on the A-side with that artist’s favorite up-and-comer as the B-side. In this case, Wand gets the B-side honors with its single “Screaming Eye.” So, basically, you can’t go wrong by picking up this killer split. Also, did I mention there are dinosaurs on the cover?

    – Stephanie Stanton

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